Navodaya Entrance Exam Syllabus for 6th Class

Navodaya Entrance Exam Syllabus for 6th Class

Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam ( JNVST ) will be conducted for admissions into Calss 6 . This exam will consist of three sections . Three sections syllabus of Navodaya Exam (JNVST) mentioned here .
Navodaya Entrance Exam Syllabus for 6th Class

Interested Candidates can check for the Eligibility and reservation criteria for Navodaya Entrance Exam for Class VI by following the link. If you are eligible then check for the exam pattern of Navodaya 6th Class Entrance Exam through the link. Here in this article we discuss about the Syllabus for Class 6 Navodaya Entrance Exam.

A single test booklet comprising of all the three sections will be given to each candidate. In the first Section there will give Mental ability Questions, section 2 comprises of Arithmetic Question and section 3 contains their selected Language Questions.

Section-1 Mental Ability Test (MAT) Syllabus

Mental Ability test is a non – verbal test where the questions are based on figures and diagrams only to assess general mental functioning of the candidates. The section is divided into ten parts having 4 questions each. Following are the 10 parts in which each part contains 4 questions

  6. Geometrical Figure Completion (Triangle, Square, Circle)
  8. PUNCHED HOLD PATTERN – Folding/Unfolding

Section 2: Arithmetic Test Syllabus

The main purpose of Arithmetic test is to measure candidate’s basic competencies in Arithmetic. There will give 20 questions for 25 marks and all the Twenty questions of this test will be based on the following 15 topics

  1. Number And Numeric System.
  2. Four Fundamental Operations On Whole Number.
  3. Fractional Number And Four Fundamental Operations On Them.
  4. Factors And Multiples Including Their Properties.
  5. LCM And HCF Of Numbers.
  6. Decimals And Fundamental Operations On Them.
  7. Conversion Of Fractions To Decimals And Vice-Versa.
  8. Measurement Of Length, Mass, Capacity, Time, Money Etc.
  9. Distance, Time And Speed.
  10. Approximation Of Expressions.
  11. Simplification Of Numerical Expressions,
  12. Percentage And Its Applications.
  13. Profit And Loss.
  14. Simple Interest.
  15. Perimeter, Area And Volume.

Section 3: Language Test Syllabus

The main purpose of Language test is to assess reading comprehension of the candidates. The test consists of four passages. Each passage is followed by 5 questions. Candidates shall read each passage carefully and answer the questions. A candidate will be given a test booklet in the language which he/she has mentioned in the application form.
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How many Sections are there in Exam

Three Sections are there in syllabus

is there any language portion

Yes .there will be language section

What will be in language test

The test consists of four passages. Each passage is followed by 5 questions.

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